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International HWT webinar – Digital health literacy and citizen engagement

Digitalisation, digital health literacy and citizen engagement

Evenemang organiserat av Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson Mälardalens universitet

Datum och tid

Torsdag 2 Juni 2022 15:00 – 16:00

Digitalisation, digital health literacy and citizen engagement: Opportunities and challenges

In this webinar we discuss the following:

I.        Information and digital health literacy: Why do we choose the Internet instead of the doctor next door?  

II.       Citizen engagement: How citizens can be effectively engaged in digitalization? Learnings from the Scottish Dig Citizen delivery plan?

III.       Accessible digital infrastructure for citizen engagement: What role can private Sector play in order to realize the true benefits of digitalization?


·       Olof Sundin, Professor of Information Studies and Vice-dean Humanities & Theology, Lund University, Sweden.

·       Nessa Barry, International Engagement Manager, International Engagement Team, Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scotland.

·       Jessica Kumbier, Google Cloud, Account Manager for Swedish Health Care.

·       Anna Broms, Google Cloud Customer Engineer, Government – Nordics.

Moderator: Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson